10/2 ** 4 weeks ** Comics Basics ~ Abrian Curington


10/2 ** 4 weeks ** Comics Basics ~ Abrian Curington


Learn the basics of creating comics in this 4 week series:

Class One Defining Comics

Learn what makes a comic a comic! In this workshop, we will cover comic terminology and what it takes to show a basic action in the comic format. This class is open to artists of all levels, and even to comic writers who would like to learn how their work will be interpreted by the artists.


Class Two Words and Images

Now we will put words to our images. We’ll define the many ways that words can exist with text, and we’ll take the images from last time (or new ones if you’d like to create more), add text and/or captions to them in a variety of ways, and discuss their various effects.


Class Three The Comic Strip

Before tackling sprawling graphic novels, it’s best to start small. In this workshop, we will do some idea generation exercises, discuss how to thumbnail and set up a comic strip, and produce one, simple comic strip.


Class Four Panel Transitions

In this final workshop, we will discuss the most important feature of comics: What happens in-between the panels. We will go over the seven types of panel transitions, and we will go through the creation of thumbnails of a two page comic, that uses as many of these transitions as possible.

Monday evenings in October 6 PM - 8 PM


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