12/9 Songwriting ~ Carrie Akre


12/9 Songwriting ~ Carrie Akre


This workshop is for those who love music and writing. Open to all levels of musicians and writers. Will review basic song structure and dive into process of writing songs and lyrics, opening up the creative flow, finding your authentic voice, removing blocks and receive help getting ideas out!

Some topics we will cover:

Writing techniques to unblock your mind or get out of our own way.

Meditation to help get us ready and present to ourselves and to our writing.

Discussion around song structure - make it how you like it.

Peer help sessions - you have a question or stuck spot, toss it to the crowd.

Group writing - everyone toss out a line.

Performance/stage presence support/help.

A chance to play your song on a small stage - to just us in the class. If you don't want to it's all ok!

A post class one hour session by phone with me for follow up questions and further support.


What to Bring:

Bring your favorite Pen, Pencils, notebook, instrument if it's easy to bring, and any snacks you may want.


1 PM - 5 PM

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