Codependent Menageries
Katlyn Hubner

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, November 18th 6-9PM
Exhibition Dates:
Saturday, November 18th - January 7th
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Codependent Menageries
Definition of Codependent : a codependent person is one who has let another person's behavior affect him or her, and who is obsessed with controlling that person's behavior.

Menagerie: A collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.

I do not want to tell you what to feel or how to feel it. That could be seen as step one// an important presence between any creative and a viewer //any relationship honestly…

As I have been trying to find myself again for the first time in years, I have been exploring my bad habits of how toxic it can be to make someone else’s “problems” my own. The pretty pain of being engulfed by a cunning and quiet lack of boundaries. That eventually, you begin to lose or confuse your own thoughts, becoming entangled with another. A self-imposed identity crisis. 

In hopes of making complicated compositions with the form, I want the lines and the triangles of the limbs and reflections to bring a controlled anxiety to being. When you can't tell just how many people are involved; Using colors to bring a slight euphoria to the dark matter. 

This will be an ongoing project.