Conversations with Guardians

Gustavo Martinez will be creating Guardian figures in the gallery space by using the potter’s wheel. As he contemplates on the connections of the human body, consciousness and the use of hand made objects as instruments for healing. Martinez states that the process of creating brings him clarity and understanding derived from his higher self, “As I heal myself, I heal those around me.” 

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and raised in California, Gustavo Martinez now resides in Tacoma, Washington. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spatial Art with a minor in Mexican American studies from San Jose State University, San Jose, California. He has been involved inthe completion of public artworks for the city of San Jose. In 2007 Martinez spent six weeks exploring sacred archaeological sites in southern Mexico and Central America, where he also studied traditional indigenous pottery and techniques at Escuela Valentine Lopez in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. He received a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Washington in the 3D4M: Ceramic / Glass / Sculpture program, and was the recipient of the Parnassus Teaching With Excellence award. In the fall of 2012 Martinez worked as a ceramic water filter production consultant for Ecofiltro SA in Guatemala, where he also helped organize the first annual ceramic symposium and sculpture exhibition at Ecofiltro SA to raise funds for the donation of ceramic water filters to the rural Guatemalan communities in most need. Martinez collaborated with Electric Coffin in the 2017 exhibition “Future Machine” at the Bellevue Arts Museum. In March of 2018 he traveled to the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania with La Paz International Foundation to help build a ceramic kiln in a woman’s potter village. Gustavo Martinez is part of the Fine Art Department at Green River College where he teaches Ceramics. 

Exhibition Dates: 
Opens: May 17th from 6-9PM
Closing Reception June 10th from 6-9PM


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