LET THE RIVER DRAW AGAIN // Antonio José García Cano
to Sep 3

LET THE RIVER DRAW AGAIN // Antonio José García Cano


I am from a little village in Region of Murcia in the South East of Spain which is called Rincón de Beniscornia. This is an Arabic name meaning “those who live in the corner”, referring to a big meander of the Segura River where the village used to be. However, the stream was highly modified to avoid floods. It was straightened and channelized which had a big impact on the ecology of the place. I have been living in Tacoma since September 2016. First thing I saw from the plane when I was going to land was the Salish Sea and the flowing waters of several rivers shining in the evening. After that, I was very interested in the Puyallup River and I started to learn about it. I learnt that downstream it had been strongly modified, that the tideflats had been destroyed, and that Climate Change is going to affect it. I also learnt that the Puyallup Tribe had been able to live sustainably with it during thousands of years. This exhibition is part of an on-going process of learning about the river and its memory. It is also a reflection about our relationship with its dynamic and about how it could be different in the future. 


The river knows the place, explores it constantly and draws beautiful meanders. The water erodes and deposits sediments generating different habitats that promote biodiversity. Its time scale is much longer that ours so we have difficulties to see its movement and to understand it as a living organism in a persistent dialogue with the banks, floodplains, underground water, sea, atmosphere, plants, animals and human community. In many places in the world, rivers have been constrained by flood control works and its memory has been erased and also the memory of those who have lived next to it along centuries. Let us move from a philosophy of controlling the floods to one of coexisting with the waters. Let us withdraw from the lands of the river and learn from its complexity. I wonder how art may contribute to understand the river as a link between communities, and as an opportunity to promote life and resilience to face Climate Change.


Antonio José García Cano is an artist and researcher interested in the relationship between art and ecology. He studies how art can contribute to the improvement of our current ecological situation. He believes in art that learns from other disciplines and from the complexity of reality. He is especially interested in water and its fluvial dynamics. He has completed a PhD in ecological art that is concerned with the consequences of Climate Change on water ecosystems.

In addition, he is interested in art that learns from ecological memory because access to the memory of the places we inhabit often generates attachment to them. As a result, hopefully, that attachment translates into greater environmental responsibility. He explores this opportunity in his artistic initiatives Azarbón (2009) and Proyecto Iskurna (2010-2014).

He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Washington-Tacoma (USA) where he works and learns with the Professors and eco-artists Beverly Naidus, Vaughn Bell and Elizabeth Conner. This stay is possible because he has been awarded with the Fulbright Scholarship for artists (Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017).

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Creative Colloquy Summer Soirée Take 2
6:00pm 6:00pm

Creative Colloquy Summer Soirée Take 2

Celebrate our local literary community with us. Connect and conspire with fellow word lovers and help Creative Colloquy raise funds for the 3rd annual Creative Colloquy Crawl. 
Festivities will be hosted in Feast Art Center's fabulous outdoor space and include libations provided by Heritage Distilling Company paired with nibbles courtesy of Asado. 
There will be loads of cool prizes to score at the silent auction
Live music provided by Forest Beutel! 

Thank you to our sponsors Asado, Heritage Distilling Company, Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, Northwest Float Center, Wellspring Spa and Retreat, Creative Forces Gifts & Sundries, BeHive Massage Therapy, Sacred Lotus Astrology and Tarot, Urban Squirrel, haircare by Trina Gilletti, Short Leg Studio, Jennifer Chushcoff, Arbonne with Carla Pfeiffer, Pythian Temple and Marine View Beverage.

Creative Colloquy is a local literary non-profit fiscally sponsored by Shunpike.

Facebook Invite

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Dance of Gods (practice for my deathbed)
7:00pm 7:00pm

Dance of Gods (practice for my deathbed)

Saturday June 10th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

'Dance of Gods' is a multi-dimensional art ritual by Marina White Raven (London, UK) in collaboration with artists from Seattle and Tacoma and Feast Arts Center.

This new incarnation of 'Practice for my Deathbed' is both an intimate rite of passage and public spectacle, addressing western cultural taboos and attitudes to death and dying in multiple layers of individual and collective experience.

The ritual begins with the invocation of White Raven who then addresses everyone present before taking her place on the deathbed installation. 
White Raven is attended by seven Psychopomps (death guides) & her companions Black Dog and White Rabbit. 

Seven courageous souls (nominees) are then brought by their Psychopomps to lie on the deathbed beside White Raven and practice their death as she holds their hand. Their 'deaths' are each honoured by a short performance, blessing or gesture by their guides.

This ritual encourages everyone present to actively remember and honour their own losses and loves and for healing to arise.

This is a FREE public event for everybody (Donate $$ to support)

Feel free to bring something to sit on: (cushion, blanket, chair)
BYO: snacks & drinks

Following this event there will be a FREE film screening:
'Endless Poetry' (2016) Jodorowski

('Dance of Gods' is the 2nd of a trilogy of Deathbeds with Feast Arts Center. The first of these; Deathbed 'The Karmic Wheel' was presented in the gallery in October 2016.)


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Alma Mater Tacoma + Feast Arts Center present: Get Outside!
6:00pm 6:00pm

Alma Mater Tacoma + Feast Arts Center present: Get Outside!

Saturday June 3rd, 6 PM - 11 PM

Spring has FINALLY come! So lets celebrate with an evening of outdoor music, games and a movie!!! Get Outside!

Thrilling Games:
Bacci Ball, Croquet, Ring Toss, Lawn Darts

Music By: 
Sporty Lee, Black Ocean Temple, and Bath Toys

Movie at dusk:

Special Thanks to Alma Mater Tacoma for making this happen! To learn more about Alma Mater please be sure to check out there website at http://www.almamatertacoma.com/

FREE and EVERYONE is welcome! (sorry no pets)



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Lettuce Part 5 of 5
7:00pm 7:00pm

Lettuce Part 5 of 5

Feast is pleased to host Lettuce Part 5

Lettuce is an innovative live art event that showcases various mediums from local Tacoma artists.

Our mission is to build a thriving art community through showcasing live art that empowers, inspires, and educates while promoting creative industries.

All photos were taken by the talented Crews Creative

What to expect: 
- Local Beers, and Wine
- Laughter and Great Connections
- Inspiration and Play
- A Raffle for the Live Art Pieces
- FOOD TRUCK Boss Mama's

Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 if you post about Lettuce on Facebook or Instagram with a #lettuce253 or @Lettuce253 tag. Each entry ticket gets you a free raffle ticket! 

Proceeds from the raffle to towards 2nd Cycle.

2nd Cycle is a community cycle center that supports, educates, and advocates for cyclists, new and experienced, in the Hilltop and surrounding Tacoma community. They provide community work space, bicycle maintenance classes, literature, youth bike programming, and repair service, as well as new and used bicycle components. They maintain accessibility by providing affordable pricing, and they hope that others, feel empowered by learning how to fix and maintain their personal cycle.


Sarah Casto
Website: sarahcastoart.com
Instagram: @Castosarcasto
Facebook: Sarah Casto
Email: Sarahcasto@msn.com

Jillian Nettels
Instagram: @jill_nettels
Twitter: @Jill_NettelsArt
Education Blog: http://makeamarknorthstar.blogspot.com/

Lucien Vedego
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/theselfevident
SoundCloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/axi-ohm
Instagram - http://www.instagr.am/lucien_vedego

Sean Coady

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Free Outdoor Movies at Feast! 5/19, 6/3 & 6/10
to Jun 10

Free Outdoor Movies at Feast! 5/19, 6/3 & 6/10

Feast is so excited to hold a series of FREE outdoor movies! Grab a blanket and join us in our beautiful green space for movies under the stars. All movies start at dusk (around 9PM) 

Everyone is welcome so please tell a friend but we ask that you leave your pets at home. 

Friday May 19th-   Marwencol

On April 8, 2000, Mark Hogancamp was attacked by five men and left for dead outside of a bar in Kingston, NY. After nine days in a coma, he awoke to find he had no memory of his previous adult life. He had to relearn how to eat, walk and write. 

When his state-sponsored rehabilitative therapies ran out, Mark took his recovery into his own hands. In his backyard, he created a new world entirely within his control - a 1:6 scale World War II town he named Marwencol. Using doll alter egos of his friends and family, his attackers and himself, Mark enacted epic battles and recreated memories, which he captured in strikingly realistic photographs. Those photos eventually caught the eye of the art world, which lead to a series of gallery exhibitions, the award-winning documentary "Marwencol," the acclaimed book "Welcome to Marwencol," and a new identity for a man once ridiculed for playing with dolls. 

Saturday June 3rd - Cameraperson

A boxing match in Brooklyn; life in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina; the daily routine of a Nigerian midwife; an intimate family moment at home: these scenes and others are woven into Cameraperson, a tapestry of footage captured over the twenty-five-year career of documentary cinematographer Kirsten Johnson.

Saturday June 10th-  Endless Poetry 

ENDLESS POETRY portrays Alejandro Jodorowsky's young adulthood, set in the 1940s and 50s, in the electric capital city of Santiago. There, he decides to become a poet and is introduced, by destiny, into the foremost bohemian and artistic circle of the time. He meets Enrique Lihn, Stella Diaz Varín, Nicanor Parra and many others of the country's young, promising and unknown artists who would later become the titans of Latin America's literature. ENDLESS POETRY is a tale of poetic experimentation; the story of a unique youth that lived as not many before them had dared: sensually, authentically, freely, madly.

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Artist Mythos Art / Music Concert Series May 18th, 19th, 20th & 27th
to May 27

Artist Mythos Art / Music Concert Series May 18th, 19th, 20th & 27th

Feast is pleased to host Artist Mythos 2017

Artist Mythos 2017: Art and Music Concert Series

Featured artist Jeremy Gregory will be showcasing "The Believables" and paintings at three neighboring Hilltop Tacoma locations! Also, a music concert series will commence throughout as well as 20+ local visual artists!

If you ever wanted to be up close and personal with Jeremy's posable puppets or painitngs, now is your chance! www.CandyTeethCreative.com
May 18th - Doors open at 6:00 pm
Opening Night, Group Show
Jeremy Gregory Puppet Vault with "The Believables"
MUSIC at 8:00 pm:
Damian Fatale EP_1 Record Release Show
All Saint’s Day
Gallery Opens at 6pm, Music at 8
Suggested Donation $8

May 19th - Doors open at 6:00 pm
FEAST ART CENTER (1402 S 11th St):
Outdoor Event, Live Mural Painting
Robert Lane, qin Tan  
Jeremy Gregory Mural Unveiling
Fed by Ravens
Gender Wizard
Video performance by Kris Crews
Donations Welcome

May 20th - Doors Open at 6:00pm
Group Show Opening Night
Lead Artist Jeremy Gregory
Live painting CASH
MUSIC at 8:00 pm:
Terence Bennett
Speacial Guest D.J.
Hours devours (orderves if you're from Tacoma)
Drinks W/I.D.
Suggested Donation $8

May 27th - Doors open at 6:00 pm
Artist Mythos Closing Night
Grand Finale Dinner
Menu TBA
Adrian Milano, Katie Simmons, Drea Gordon
Presale $35, Couples $60

Jeremy Gregory
Masha Fikhman
Jeremiah Kjormoe
Jason Sobottka
Christoper Olson  
Dave Bloomfield  
Joseph Brooks
Alexander Halladay
Bryan K Ward
Zachary Marvick
Yuri Knighten
Kelsey Vogan
Braden Duncan
Mark Tracy
Jason Rivia
Don De Leva
Risa Kaneko
Michael Koehler
J. Gordon
Qin Tan
Nathan Barnes  
Michael Rives
Angelita Martinez
Robert Lane

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Opening Reception- Romson Regarde Bustillo: Kingdom of Prophets
4:00pm 4:00pm

Opening Reception- Romson Regarde Bustillo: Kingdom of Prophets

The foundation of much of what I do is in printmaking, mixed media, and space coding. Transdisciplinary, my work is nourished by research. The tools we use to process information and the moments tied to our understandings help shape my vocabulary. Images and marks become visual cues to narratives, questions, and observations. 

I make prints; a combination of collagraphs, intaglio, relief, and serigraphy forming recent works. The vast majority are monoprints, each pulled from multiple master plates made from diverse surfaces.  

Born in the Philippines, Romson Regarde Bustillo immigrated to Seattle with his family in 1978. He has spent extended periods of time working on his art in Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines; as well as research work in S.E. Asia and Central America. He maintains an art studio in the Central District of Seattle. Locally, his work is represented in the collections of the City of Seattle, the City of Tacoma, the City of Portland(RACC), Washington State Art Commission, ArtColl Trust, ACRS, and the Wing Luke Asian Museum.

The show will run from April 2nd -May 13th
Opening Reception- April 2nd 4-7PM
Artist Talk - April 9th 5-7PM
Tacoma Artist Walk- April 20th 6-9PM

Support for this exhibit is provided by: 
Seattle Prints Arts, Larry Sommers Fellowship
Artist Trust GAP Grant
Pratt Fine Arts Center, Print Studio

Title: Kingdom of Prophets
Media: Collagraph, Stencil
30" x 44”

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Lettuce Part 3
7:00pm 7:00pm

Lettuce Part 3

Feast is pleased to be hosting Lettuce Part 3

Lettuce is an innovative live art event that showcases various mediums from local Tacoma artists.

Our mission is to build a thriving art community through showcasing live art that empowers, inspires, and educates while promoting creative industries.

**The bar has moved to the main floor so it is a 21+ event**

What to expect: 
- Local Beers, and Wine
- Laughter and Great Connections
- Inspiration and Play
- A Raffle for the Live Art Pieces
- FOOD TRUCK Rain or Shine on Fire Pizza

Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 if you post about Lettuce on Facebook or Instagram with a #lettuce253 or @Lettuce253 tag. Each entry ticket gets you a free raffle ticket! 

Proceeds from the raffle to towards Dream Music Project. They provide young musicians a supportive and creative space where they can perform together, develop their skills and share their talent with the world.

Anj Cunningham @waterlillymoondust

Joseph Brooks @weekendatbernies

Dave Bloomfield @Starheadboy 

Curtis Ashby @curtisashbyart

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6:00pm 6:00pm

"Invisible Ink" Closing Reception

Join us for a reception to mark the final night of Anne de Marcken’s “Invisible Ink.” 6:00-8:00pm Saturday, February 11th. Light refreshments will be served, and the gallery will be open for those who wish to participate in the installation.

Click here for more about “Invisible Ink.”

Come early for a conversation with filmmakers and Artist Trust Fellows Marilyn Freeman and Elliat Graney-Saucke, 5:00-6:00pm.

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Talk with Marilyn and Elliat: queer, women, filmmakers, friends.

Join us for a reflection upon the journey of two active female lesbian/queer filmmakers who have shared a supportive relationship for 16 years. Marilyn Freeman and Elliat Graney-Saucke, both 2016 Artist Trust Fellowship grantees, met in Olympia, Wa in 2001 on the set of "Group," a feature film by Marilyn and her partner Anne de Marcken, where Elliat was a production assistant through a high school internship. Speed forward 15+ years, Marilyn and Elliat are both still powering forward in their filmmaking and still in each others lives. This talk will explore their shared histories and the developments of their bodies of work.

Elliat Graney-Saucke is based in Seattle, WA, after living in Berlin, Germany from 2009-2015, and is completing her second feature documentary film "Boys on the Inside" about 'boy' identity in women's prisons. Elliat is currently Media Documentation Research Lead for the National Performance Network as well as serving as President of the Seattle Documentary Association and steering committee member of S.A.L.T. (Seattle Arts Leadership Team - Office of Arts and Culture), Next Generation National Arts Network and the Women's Working Group. Elliat has produced a body of over 20 short films with work screening in over thirteen countries. With additional film/creative projects in the works, she is as well the new Managing Director of the media communications agency Elliat Creative. 

Marilyn Freeman is based in Olympia, WA and has most recently coined and created a body of work under the philosophy and creative-spiritual frame of CinemaDivina. Her most recently long-term project is the decade long feature narrative "Sophisticated: The Hollywood Story of Miss Dorothy Arzner," about the early Hollywood lesbian film director. Her notable early work includes "Group" and "Meeting Magdalene." Marilyn has also been a media arts instructor at The Evergreen State College and is currently Director of state based media productions for Washington. 

This event is being presented in partnership with Artist Trust, who awarded Marilyn and Elliat awards through their 2016 Fellowship.  

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Lettuce Part 1

Lettuce is an innovative live art event that showcases various mediums from local Tacoma artists. Our mission is to build a thriving art community through showcasing live art that empowers, inspires, and educates while promoting creative industries.

What to expect: 
- Local Beers, Wine, and Kombucha
- Laughter and Great Connections
- Inspiration and Play
- A Raffle for the Live Art Pieces
- FOOD TRUCK (This month will be Arnold's Happy Days!) 

Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 if you post about Lettuce on Facebook or Instagram with a #lettuce253 or @Lettuce253 tag. 

Proceeds from the event will go towards Operation Keep 'Em Warm! Free entry into the event if you bring three NEW pairs of socks! 

Thank you to our sponsors: 

Ravenstone Arts: http://www.ravenstonearts.org/
Artist and Craftsman: http://www.artistcraftsman.com/
Humdinger: http://www.nwfolklore.com/

And Spaceworks for their creative entrepreneur program!  

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6:00pm 6:00pm

Opening for "Invisible Ink"

Join us for the opening reception, 6-9pm, Thursday, January 19th. Conversation with Anne de Marcken & Natasha Marin at 6:30.

In "Invisible Ink," interdisciplinary artist Anne de Marcken invites spectators to participate actively in an interrogation of invisibility and privilege that moves beyond the white-walled gallery space into real world action…that in fact helps to reimagine the real world as the art world and action as art.

Working in collaboration with conceptual artist Natasha Marin and writer Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, de Marcken orchestrates and participates in the transmutation of digital artifacts into the most basic of material elements in order to create a hyper-deliberate, sensual, embodied experience of privilege and accountability in visitors to the installation.

Writing in lemon juice—homemade invisible ink—on butcher paper, de Marcken transcribes a digital backlog of requests for help, offers of support, and assaultive troll attacks received by Marin during her six-month "Reparations" project. The result is a 1000-foot-long enunciation of the ways whiteness protects those affiliated with its power from awareness of and accountability for the costs and benefits of that artificial construction. Participants are invited to iron out the lemon juice messages, enacting the process of making need and harm visible…and are then invited to go farther: to take simple actions to meet need and remedy harm by responding materially to the original messages.

Sycamore's two-channel audio piece provides an atmospheric score for the installation, with loops of appropriated media sound-bites featuring hypocritical words of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

PERFORMANCE: The Karmic Wheel/Practice for my Deathbed

PERFORMANCE: The Karmic Wheel/Practice for my Deathbed

Thursday October 20th 6pm-9pm:

Feast Arts: 1402 S. 11th st. Tacoma, WA 98405

The performance is a durational, cyclical dance around the installation 'Practice for my Deathbed' where 'White Raven' will be guiding participants in transformational practice, assisted by Alan Sutherland, resuming his role of Crow.

This is intended as a healing ritual for performers, spectators and audience participants as well as offering a blessing for Feast Art Center on their 1 year anniversary.

To learn more about the Deathbed: http://practiceformydeathbed.tumblr.com

To learn more visit our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1126307224119530/
This is a FREE performance for the community.

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Feast Art Center's Fall Open House & Outdoor Movie

Please join us on Saturday, September 10th for our Fall Open House, an evening full of celebration, community and art!

We will have a new show opening at 5PM in the gallery by artist Marilyn Montufar as well as live music by The Happy Sinners between 6PM-8PM

Join us at 8PM for a FREE outdoor movie in our new beautiful green space! We will be screening the movie Beauty Is Embarrassing, here is a link to the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIv4PHJqCnM 

Please bring a blanket to sit on but we ask that you leave your pets at home. Sorry!

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