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Dance of Gods (practice for my deathbed)

Saturday June 10th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

'Dance of Gods' is a multi-dimensional art ritual by Marina White Raven (London, UK) in collaboration with artists from Seattle and Tacoma and Feast Arts Center.

This new incarnation of 'Practice for my Deathbed' is both an intimate rite of passage and public spectacle, addressing western cultural taboos and attitudes to death and dying in multiple layers of individual and collective experience.

The ritual begins with the invocation of White Raven who then addresses everyone present before taking her place on the deathbed installation. 
White Raven is attended by seven Psychopomps (death guides) & her companions Black Dog and White Rabbit. 

Seven courageous souls (nominees) are then brought by their Psychopomps to lie on the deathbed beside White Raven and practice their death as she holds their hand. Their 'deaths' are each honoured by a short performance, blessing or gesture by their guides.

This ritual encourages everyone present to actively remember and honour their own losses and loves and for healing to arise.

This is a FREE public event for everybody (Donate $$ to support)

Feel free to bring something to sit on: (cushion, blanket, chair)
BYO: snacks & drinks

Following this event there will be a FREE film screening:
'Endless Poetry' (2016) Jodorowski

('Dance of Gods' is the 2nd of a trilogy of Deathbeds with Feast Arts Center. The first of these; Deathbed 'The Karmic Wheel' was presented in the gallery in October 2016.)